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Malaika Anaya will teach a class in the high-energy, rhythmic Brazillian dance, the Samba, at this week’s Wellness Wednesday live online gathering!

Malaïka Anaya, a French-born professional dancer whose family hailed from Cameroon, has been steeped simultaneously in two worlds throughout her career: Exposed to African culture her entire life, she also pursued classical training in modern jazz. Today, she performs various styles of European and African dance. Malaïka became a certified Zumba®Fitness instructor in 2009, and a yoga teacher in 2018.

Malaïka started training in Samba in 2012 in Miami. She quickly fell in love with the art and with all of Afro-Brazilian culture.  A year later, she started training in the Afro-Brazillian martial art Capoeira and has been committed to her training ever since.

Continuing her training with her teacher, Mestre Cebolinha, Malaïka assists and teaches adults, special needs students and children’s Capoeira classes. She also helps with event planning and costuming service at Mestre Cebolinha’s academy here in Newark. She has taught both Capoeira and Samba at Rutgers University and Montclair State University.

Let Malaika introduce you to this high-energy dance in our latest live dance class!



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