This Wellness Wednesday, learn the basics of Indian dance with Reema Limson!

Reema began studying Indian classical dance at the age of eight under the guidance of renowned gurus in South India. Throughout her training in Bharatnatyam and Indian contemporary dance, she has been blessed to perform in many national and international venues and win several awards. She is passionate about expressing her faith through these beautiful Indian dance forms, which led her to open Rejoiceingrace, a faith-based dance studio where students can learn to worship through the visual arts.

Reema’s class starts with 20 minutes of fitness workouts that focus on balance, flexibility and agility. Then she will teach some of the basic components of Indian dance, such as facial expressions (abhinaya), hand gestures (mudras) and body postures. By the end of the class, participants will learn a dance sequence that is the expression of a specific story or theme! All levels are welcome in this energetic class on April 28 at 7:30PM.