Stay home, play games, win big!
New Jersey’s favorite game night has gone virtual, with up to $125 in prizes. If you’re quarantined or social distancing, this is the perfect way to have fun with family and friends. Meet up online for 90 minutes packed with fast-paced, back-to-back interactive games led by a professional host. Who can name that tune, or movie? Who can solve a word puzzle the quickest? Who can outlast everyone else in sudden-death trivia? Virtual Game Night brings your favorite game shows to life… along with a few new games to keep you on your feet.

Each participant must buy a ticket to attend the event, and we’ll send you a link to register to participate in the games. Only 18 people can participate in each interactive session, so it’s great for family gatherings, ladies’ night get-togethers, or corporate team building.

Ticket buyers must have access to a computer or laptop that can download Zoom (the video-conferencing program) in order to attend the event. Tablets/phones are not formatted correctly and make the experience less interactive for players.

An access code for the event will be sent out within 48 hours of the session date. Once you join the Zoom, the host will explain how the games work and how to participate.

When it comes to determining a winner, players’ names will be added to a wheel each time they win an individual game. So the more answers/wins you get, the better shot you’ll have at the end of the session to be declared the winner!

For the official rules please click here.