Join us for a day dedicated to advancing social justice work in your classroom by engaging in an inspirational keynote address, thoughtful discussions, and interactive workshops led by experts in the field. You will learn practical strategies to implement and sustain a more equitable arts classroom.

Keynote: Antiracism for Arts Educators: Moving Beyond SEL and Representation
Speaker: Alysia Lee
Join Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Alysia Lee for an interactive keynote exploring the shifts that deepen instructional practice and elevate student achievement. Prepare for reflection, collaboration, and visioning tools you can use in your local community.

Concurrent Workshop Sessions
All participants will view the keynote speaker’s address before choosing a workshop to attend afterward. Please choose the one you are interested in attending during registration. All will be recorded.

What’s in Your Toy Box?: Activating Racial Literacy in the Art Classroom
Presenter: Dr. Joni Boyd Acuff
In this workshop, educators and those interested in the construction of knowledge will learn about ways to activate racial literacy in the visual arts classroom. Using antiracist and abolitionist pedagogy, Acuff will engage participants in dialogue and thinking exercises that move “intention” to “action.” Important note — those participating in this workshop should listen to the following podcast beforehand. A transcript for this podcast can be found here.

Transformation to a People-Centered Workplace
Presenter: Dr. Michelle Ramos
Professionalism has become code for white prioritization in workplace practices that more often than not privilege the values of white and Western employees and deprioritize people of color. In this session, we will identify how the embedded practice of “colonized professionalism” shows up in the workplace explicitly and implicitly, and learn how we can shift and transform our workplaces to a more equitable environment for all.

Applying Decolonizing and Antiracist Approaches to the Music Classroom
Presenters: Brandi Waller-Pace and Lorelei Batislaong
Direct conversations surrounding race and marginalization of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian (BBIA) people are not common in music educator training. Through foundational vocabulary, lived experience, and repertoire examples, attendees will engage with concepts related to decolonization and antiracism as applied to music education, as well as ways to address systemic issues.

“We the People…”: Developing Artvists and Social Justice Classrooms
Presenter: Josh A Campbell
In this workshop participants will be invited to use spoken word and improvisation exercises to explore how to build a social justice classroom that prioritizes personal history, historical movements, inquiry-based learning, and equity.

Presenters include:

Alysia Lee

Founder and Artistic Director of Sister Cities Girlchoir(SCG)
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Dr. Joni Boyd Acuff

Associate Professor of Arts Administration, Education and Policy
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Dr. Michelle Ramos

Executive Director, Alternate Roots
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Josh A Campbell

Freelance Arts Administrator, Teaching Artist, and Artist
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Brandi Waller-Pace

Founder and Executive Director of Decolonizing the Music Room
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Lorelei Batislaong

Deputy Director of Decolonizing the Music Room
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