Three different adventures for three different nights!

SLEEP SQUAD is a family-friendly, interactive, virtual theater experience that turns your home into a rocket ship to launch kids into their dreams. Featuring brand new, unique, kid-driven comedy and music, this world premiere on-demand production creates a new kind of post-dinner, pre-bedtime ritual for kids age 4-12. SLEEP SQUAD can be enjoyed in one 45-minute experience, or in three unique episodes, ranging between 12 and 25 minutes in length.

SLEEP SQUAD is brought to you by the “masterfully hilarious” Story Pirates, “some of the best creators and performers in kids’ media today” (Sirius XM). And it’s more than an on-demand evening of entertainment; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that leaps off the screen to create performance-like, immersive family fun right at home.

On-Demand Family Passes can include a “Dreamtime Travel Kit” delivered to your home address. The items within–including a dream journal, explorer goggle sleep mask, co-pilot badge and star projector–are woven into the experience to create imaginative, educational and intergalactic experiences without leaving Planet Earth. On-demand viewing access available for two weeks after the date of purchase with unlimited views.

SLEEP SQUAD stars Tony Award Nominee Lilli Cooper (SpongeBob SquarePants, Tootsie) as the Dream Queen, pilot of the spaceship Ariem that launches kids into the Slumber Galaxy on three different missions, as they train to become members of the Sleep Squad—an elite group of the world’s most advanced dreamers. Sleep Squad hopefuls are sent into space to explore stories adapted from real kids’ dreams along with the co-pilot of their choice (their favorite stuffed animal, blanket or toy).

In Episode One, The Dream Queen welcomes explorers onboard the Ariem for mission preparation, and then instructs them to put on their Sleep Squad sleep goggles for an adventure to a desert island. Episode Two blasts off to a dinosaur’s birthday party, and the final installment lands inside of an intergalactic nightclub. These immersive audio sections allow kids to take ownership of the imagination-powered storytelling. After kids complete all three the missions, they become official Sleep Squad members and charged to fly solo into their own dreams, aided by calming sleep music.

SLEEP SQUAD is brought to you by Tony Award-winning producer Eva Price, is directed by Olivier-nominated Jennifer Weber and Drama Desk-nominated Lee Overtree, and co-created by the critically acclaimed Story Pirates, creators of the #1 podcast for kids, downloaded more than 25 million times and winner of both the 2020 Webby and iHeartRadio award for Best Kids and Family podcast.


SLEEP SQUAD can be enjoyed in one 45-minute experience, or in three unique episodes, ranging between 12 and 25 minutes in length.

SLEEP SQUAD can be experienced after dinner, before bedtime, at nap time or any time young astronauts feel like going on an adventure into their dreams.

While we highly recommend purchasing one Dreamtime Travel Kit for each kid viewer, it’s possible to experience SLEEP SQUAD without it. For those that choose not to purchase the Dreamtime Travel Kit, we provide recommendations of some simple household items that can help bring the immersive kit-driven moments to life.

SLEEP SQUAD can be viewed on desktop and mobile computer web browsers, as well as on iOs and Android devices. The production can also be enjoyed on a Smart TV via an Amazon Fire, AppleTV or Roku device.