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A message from William Q. Sanchez

Executive Producer of the National Hispanic Youth Showcase 

Hello everyone and the NJPAC family, I want to thank all of you for helping us celebrate our 35th Anniversary of the National Hispanic Youth and Images/Imagenes 50th Anniversary. I am proud of all of you. Community leaders and friends, you stood by me during very difficult times and gave the world a positive outlook into the future with your amazing young talent and dedication. Parents, teachers, staff, my family, and volunteers: COVID-19 brought tears to our eyes but our youth gave us hope for a bright future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and please give your children a hug from me. Here are the judge’s results:

Teen Dance Solo Category (Ages 13 to 17)
Kassandra Ruiz, Age 16
Paulina Medina, Age 16

Junior Vocal Champions (Ages 8 to 12)
Kaylen Gisselle, Age 10
Mia Saez, Age 11

Jr. Duo/Trio/Quartet /Small Group Category (Ages 8 to 12)
Angelina Mendez, Age 12
Nataly Irriberra, Age 11
Samanta Gomez, Age 12
Sianna Johnson, Age 9
Tianna-Marie Mejias, Age 10
Arah Farias, Age 10
Karen Gamarra, Age 13
Izally Pinto, Age 12
Brianna G. Urbina, Age 12

Teen Junior Vocal Category (Ages 13 to 15)
Michelle Galvis, Age 15
Isabella Torres, Age 15

Teen Duo/Trio/Quartet (Age 13 to 19)
Lianys Pastrana, Age 11
Kiara Pastrana, Age 18
Joyce Najim Navarro, Age 17
Ebo’ne Verde, Age 17

Junior Dance Winners (Ages 8 to 12)
Angelina Medina, Age 12
Alexa Joy Carrero, Age 12

The Kids’ Dance Category (Ages 4 to 7)
Kylie Acosta, Age 4
Natalia Gonzalez, Age 7

Teen Senior Vocal Category
Gabriel De Los Santos, Age 18
Sofia Walderon, Age 16

Group Dance Category (Mixed Ages)
Yolanda’s Academy of Dance

Achievement Awards

Best of the Best Award (Public Votes)
Gabriel De Los Santos

Best of the Best Folkloric Award
J & L Dance Center (Flamenco)
Victoria Del Carmen Lindo (Marinera)
Miguel Angel Saire

Best of the Best Future Star Award
Amethyst Hernandez, Age 9
Sianna Johnson, Age 9

Best of the Best Choreography Award
Sublime Dance Company (“Salsa Fever”)

Best of the Best Video Presentation Award
Wendy Martinez (“We Are The World”)

Best of the Best National Alumni Star Award
Carolina Rial

Best of the Best Goya Award
The Joseph F. Unanue Award (Creativity & Inspiration During COVID-19)
Miercy Aquino, Poet (“I Pray”)
Arabella Egan, Singer/Composer (“Take It One Step at a Time”)

Best of the Best Showcase Role Model Awards
Gloria Montealegre (Community Hero Award 2021)
Gilbert Saldivar (International Arts Award)
Ebby Antigua (Top Media Award)
Whitney Houston (Top Super Star Award)

Special Thanks to NJPAC and Our Stars
Rafael Toro, Co-host/Goya Public Relations
Arlene Ng Acosta, Co-host/Six-Time Showcase Champion
Allison Trujillo Strong, Host 1999 Showcase and Emmy Winner
Shakira Barrera, Hollywood & Television Star
Mary Ann Hotaling, First Three-Time Champion


From children to young adults on the brink of stardom, get a glimpse of the best singers, actors, and dancers of tomorrow at the 35th anniversary Hispanic Youth Showcase!

Hosted by Rafael Toro, Public Relations Director at Goya Foods, and Arlene Ng Acosta, an actress, singer, and six-time Hispanic Youth Showcase winner herself, this annual multi-disciplinary performance shines a spotlight on young performers, and offers you a chance to vote for your favorite artists! Those selected as winners will receive scholarships and other prizes. The Showcase will stream on Facebook live on Tuesday, June 29, at 7 PM.

Recommended for viewers ages 8 and up, this year’s virtual Showcase includes an homage to Newark native Whitney Houston, as well as performances by the finalists in the competition. This annual celebration of Hispanic heritage has been hosted by NJPAC since the Arts Center’s opening in 1997. Today, the Community Engagement department is proud to present these extraordinarily talented young people as they compete for the “Best of the Best” award, honor their cultural heritage — and entertain us all!