How can you affect change — in our community, in our state, and across the country? How powerful is your vote? How can you make sure you’re registered to vote — and that your friends and neighbors are as well? What impact will the 2020 Census have on Newark and on New Jersey?

Find out! Join us for the first of a series of panel discussions about race, equity, social justice and how you can harness your power as a citizen to make change, heal our divisions and help your community.

Democracy, Voting, Census: A Conversation about Power is the kick-off event of NJPAC’s new programming developed in partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Social Justice and the NAACP. Andrea McChristian, Law & Policy Director for the Institute, will moderate this discussion focused on ensuring that everyone understands the importance of taking part in civic life, and how to effect change at the ballot box.

Our panelists on this virtual town hall for New Jerseyans will include:

  • A’Dorian Murray-Thomas, the founder and CEO of SHE Wins, a social action organization for middle and high school girls in Newark, who is also, at 23, the youngest person ever elected to the Newark Board of Education;
  • Shennell McCloud, the Executive Director of Project Ready, an education advocacy group, and a member of the leadership at Kipp Schools;
  • Henal Patel, Director of the Democracy & Justice Program at the Institute for Social Justice;
  • Denise Quijada, Census and Partnership Manager for Sadie Nash Leadership Project, which promotes leadership and activism in young women.

Andrea McChristian


A’Dorian Murray-Thomas


Shennell McCloud


Henal Patel


Denise Quijada


Please register here to take part in this exciting, dynamic and, above all, useful discussion about what you can do to promote social justice in your own corner of the world, and on the national stage.

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