We are confronting a unique moment in our history, with a trifecta of crises — the worst health emergency in a hundred years, the greatest economic challenge since the Great Depression, and a renewed national conversation about social justice and racism — upending our state and our nation.

To find perspective on this unprecedented time, please join us for a virtual conversation with two of our most thoughtful citizens, Governor Tom Kean, and Reverend Bill Howard, at 7PM on Monday, August 10.

Both these men are brilliant, thoughtful and long-lived in their dedication to improving outcomes for New Jerseyans and citizens across the globe. Governor Kean’s work advancing bipartisanship, conservation, civil liberties and education was expanded when he left Trenton and went on to lead both Drew University, and the 9/11 Commission. Reverend Howard’s time at the New York Theological Seminary, the National Council of Churches, and Newark’s Bethany Baptist Church gave him a global perspective on justice that led him to fight racism not only at home, but in many countries, particularly apartheid South Africa.

Ryan Haygood, President and CEO of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, will moderate this conversation between two men who have spent their long careers fighting so many good fights. The program will be introduced by Rick Thigpen, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship at PSEG and the chair of the PSEG Foundation.