Doug Goodkin
This is a two-part workshop!

Tuesday, April 7 @ 3-4:30PM
Wednesday, April 8, @ 3-4:30PM
Pay what you can ($75 per person is suggested) • credit hours: 3

Jazz Improvisation for All Ages
Professional Development Workshops for Early Childhood Educators

For some, musical improvisation feels as natural as speech, but for many, it is a difficult challenge. In either case, the music teacher can help de-mystify improvisation, make it more accessible and help shape it to be more expressive and coherent. How can a three-years old improvise without instrumental technique, theory or familiarity with a style? How can the beginning band student make sense out of “this scale, this chord, go!!”? Drawing from the Orff approach to music education, this workshop will offer models of the many media available in improvisation—speech, body percussion, gesture, movement, drama, song, Orff instruments, band instruments— as well as various games, structures, exercises that help make improvisation something accessible to all. Body, voice and Orff instruments will be at the center of the day’s activities, but all are encouraged to bring their own instrument as well.

Course includes a Professional Development Certificate (3 credit hours) and virtual materials.